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Civil Air Patrol makes great use of our CAP VHF radio communications capabilities during Missions and in everyday services. All CAP and especially Emergency Services members must be able to operate CAP radios in the normal course of their duties. 

Our communications infrastructure includes VHF van radios, VHF handhelds, Intra-squadron radios (ISR) and HF radios for long distance communications. No matter which CAP radios you might use, you must be an authorized CAP radio operator to use them. ICUT Training is the training you must complete to become authorized. 

Specialties requiring ICUT training:
  • AOBD - Air Operations Branch Director
  • CUL - Communications Unit Leader
  • FLM - Flight Line Marshaller
  • GBD - Ground Branch Director
  • GTM - Ground Team Member
  • LO - Liaison Officer
  • MC - Mission Chaplain
  • MO - Mission Observer
  • MP - SAR/DR Mission Pilot
  • MRO - Mission Radio Operator
  • MSA - Mission Staff Assistant
  • MSO - Mission Safety Officer
  • PIO - Public Information Officer
  • UDF - Urban Direction Finding Team
The Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) course is located on the CAP Learning Management System (LMS) in eServices.  To get to the course, you have to log into services.  Click on the following link to get to eServices and the ICUT course: ICUT via LMS. Once you complete the online portion there is a practical which will be performed at the squadron where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to use CAP communications equipment and procedures.

If you are not already ICUT qualified, get started TODAY! - ICUT Training on LMS*

CAP Communications Regulations are contained in the following two key documents: