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GTM - Ground Team Member

Ground operations are a critical function to CAP's mission operations and Emergency Services (ES). Without ground teams, there can be no rescue in SAR. To become a ground team member GTM3, and progress in qualification from GTM3, to GTM2, and to GTM1 you complete a series of tasks and get signed off by a skills evaluator. Your tasks once completed are recorded on Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR's). Each GTM level has a specific series of SQTR tasks to complete and be evaluated on and include participation in ES events. GTM Operations Qualifications are tracked and maintained in eServices and will be printed on your CAP 101 card.

Training and task accomplishment is achieved by participating in:
  • Squadron ES training, 
  • SAREX's (Search and Rescue Exercises), 
  • GSAR (Ground Search and Rescue Academies), 
  • National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) such as Hawk Mountain Search and Rescue School, or 
  • Emergency Services oriented bivouac's or events.
The key materials are:
  • Ground Team Member & Leader Reference Text - This is the GTM Textbook you will use to learn and accomplish the SQTR tasks
  • Ground & Urban DF Team Task Guide - All of the GTM tasks are contained in this guide which summarize the tasks and evaluation criteria
  • GTM Specialty Training Qualification Training Records (SQTR's) - These are available in eServices. To get started a blank SQTR for GTM3 is available HERE.
If you are interested in Emergency Services and Ground Team, get started today!
Richard Qualls,
Jan 17, 2016, 1:30 PM