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GES - General Emergency Services

"General Emergency Service (GES) is the first step into Civil Air Patrol's mission of providing Emergency Services to our Nation. When we are performing emergency services we are normally functioning under the Air Force and are part of the Total Force. As Airmen of the Total Force we must be trained to provide the services requested. Whether you are part of a ground team, aircrew, or working at mission base, you must have GES completed. The CAP Test 116 part 1 is the GES test. Complete the training using the GES Presentation and then take the CAPT 116 Pt.1. Once GES is completed the entire realm of emergency services will open up to you"

How to complete your GES

Step 1 - Access the GES Training Materials*

Step 2 - Take the Test on the eServices Learning Management System

*will leave this .gov site