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February Wing SAREX Update

posted Feb 10, 2016, 6:09 AM by Richard Qualls
If an effort to consolidate on what is happening and to reach all members of VA wing I am sending this to everyone.

1. The dates are 19-21 Feb. There are currently 3 shifts set to happen. We will be operating out of VA Wing HQ and Pocahontas State Park.

2. Breakfast and lunch on Sat is being provided by wing HQ and we have had a good amount of people singed up for that. If you have not replied to me or signed up on vawg.cap.gov/go, then please do so we can provide good numbers tot he Salvation Army.

Dinner will be on your own for Friday night and Sat night

3. If you want to come up on Fri night and stay overnight, that is approved. Please let me know directly. For Squadrons coming as a group, please have only 1 member send me how many. You can set up tents if you want. When I get numbers I can get more cots if needed.

4. A training opportunity has also come to light that will be offered. Please see the information below for details. This will be for anyone who wishes to start training for the qualifications below

To help members who are just starting in ES, we will offer Mission Staff Assistant (MSA) training and Mission Radio Operator (MRO) training on Friday night at 2000 at wing headquarters.  To participate, members MUST have completed the General ES (GES) test prior to arrival and have commander's approval for prerequisites.  Those who want MRO training must also take the Introductory Communication User Training (ICUT).  The MRO instructor will offer ICUT skills evaluations in addition to the class, for those who only are able to get the online training in advance.

Sign up for MSA or MRO training at http://goo.gl/forms/OjfA6MfUII.

Materials and a link to the GES test (CAPT 116) are at http://fredericksburgcap.com/index.php/ges
ICUT training information is at http://fredericksburgcap.com/index.php/introductory-communications-user-training