VA-095 Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX)

Get the Knowledge You Need:

Ground Team Member and Leader Reference Text - Course material for all Ground Teams and Leaders. This guide provides the foundation for key tasks and knowledge to be a safe and effective ground team member and part of a successful mission. Use in conjunction with the task guide. 

Ground and Urban Direction Finding Task Guide - Detail task guide for Ground Team specialty qualification and ground operations. Use this guide to: 
  • understand the objective of each task, 
  • learn the training and evaluation details of the task,
  • what is required to prepare for task evaluation, and
  • the performance measures for each task.
CAP Publication P2 - ELT/EPIRB Search - Click HERE to leave this .gov site and download the document

LHTM-1 "Air and Ground Direction Finding" is a 12-page paper that explores the subject and includes advanced theories and DF techniques. Click HERE to leave this .gov site and download the document.

LHTM-2 "Locating Non-distress ELTs and EPIRBs" is a 7-page paper that features the special techniques required for close-in DF work, including inside buildings and marinas. Click HERE to leave this .gov site and download the document.

Sign Up to Participate and Request What Qualifications You to Work On: HERE

Bring the Required Equipment and Supplies:
  1. CAP ID Card and 101 Card 
  2. Cadet Permission Slip
  3. BDU Uniform
  4. Appropriate Weather Gear - Layers, Poncho, Water Proof Gear, Extra Socks, etc..
  5. 24 Hour Pack
  6. Specialty Qualification Training Worksheets
  7. Appropriate Task Guides
  8. Water, Lunch and Snacks
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