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2015 SAR College Announcement

posted Jan 23, 2015, 6:29 AM by Richard Qualls   [ updated Jan 23, 2015, 6:40 AM ]

The college will offer three Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) courses: Search Team Member (STM), Search Team Leader (STL), and Management Team Member (MTM) as well as one FEMA course on the Points-of-Distribution (POD) system.

The VDEM STM and STL courses also qualify students as CAP GTM or GTL respectively; this email uses the VDEM terms, though the two are equivalent.   The MTM course does not have a CAP equivalent, but is highly useful for members who wish to become involved in search management (AOBD, GBD, PSC, OSC, IC) or who already have one of those qualifications and wish to stay current.

The FEMA POD training teaches students how to run and operate a distribution center that might be activated during a large-scale emergency.  These centers might distribute critical materials, including water, food, ice, tarpaulins, or blankets to the public during an emergency.  CAP and FEMA are working together to develop CAP’s capabilities to help FEMA during such events.  The course will be taught the first weekend (only) of the CAP GSAR by instructors from FEMA.

In addition, students registered in the courses listed above will have the opportunity to get their Standard First Aid training on the FRIDAY that the school begins.  Those students who have completed the online portions of ICUT but need the “practical evaluation” will also have the opportunity to complete their communications training.

Age Restrictions
While there are certain age restrictions for cadet certification; the staff will work with cadets to ensure that they get the maximum benefit of the STM and STL courses.  Though we occasionally make exceptions, we discourage cadets younger than 15 from attending this event.  Cadets who are 16 can be certified by VDEM as STMs.  However, if the cadet is 15, they may attend the training but not get VDEM certification until their 16th birthday.  If cadet students apply for and pass the course as a STL, they will not get VDEM certification until they turn 18. 

There is no age restriction for the POD course, and both cadets and seniors are encouraged to apply.  The MTM course is generally limited to senior members, but older cadets have sometimes been allowed to attend.  Contact LtCol Quinn if there are special circumstances.

Partial Credit
No partial credit is possible. All students must attend both weeks of the MTM/STM/STL classes and pass all required tests (written and practical) to get ANY credit or certification.  

  • GTM: CAP members successfully completing the STM class and passing the written and practical tests will achieve VDEM and CAP certification as GTM 1, 2, and 3.
  • GTL: CAP members successfully completing the STL class and passing the written and practical tests will achieve VDEM and CAP certification as a GTL.
  • A Standard First Aid Course will be offered during the day on Friday 27 March 2015.  There will be a separate cost for this course which will be paid to the instructor.  If you intend to take this course, indicate that on your CAPF 17 or CAP 31.
  • The practical sections of ICUT and ICUT evaluations will be offered at some point during the course. If you wish to take advantage of that opportunity, indicate that on your CAPF 17 or CAPF 31.

Food & Quarters
Lodging will be provided.  Food will be proved at extra cost ($30 for both weekends) or members may provide their own food.  It is not possible to eat off-base and be back in time for GSAR activities, so plan accordingly.  Payments for food may be sent with the GSAR fees or separately, but please indicate that you’re participating in the food program on your CAPF17 or CAPF31.

While the Virginia Department of Emergency Management is providing instructors and course materials, participants are asked to bear the cost of the use of the materials, and administration. The participant will pay $50.00 which will cover these costs for both weekends. Payment will be due at check-in to the college. Payment by check is strongly preferred.

Application Instructions
Please use your chain of command at the squadron to get more information and apply for the event.

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