SAREX Forecast

posted Mar 19, 2015, 7:07 AM by
Weather continues to look favorable for the SAREX at KPHF.  Cloud cover will start at about 3,000 around 0800 hrs. local and continually rise and clear.  By the afternoon clouds will be scattered or fair at 12000 + AGL.  Low to mid level winds look good for flights.  More precise data will be in tomorrow.  Weather on the surface will be good for ground and air operations with gradual clearing through out the day with a high near 60°F.  Temperatures will start out in the low 40s making there way up through out the day.  Surface winds will be from the NNW shifting to the WSW by evening at about 5-10 kt. No rain is expected at this time.  I would advise light layers for the morning then standard BDUS by afternoon.  On Friday expect more detailed info.

Forecast Plot graph of raw info for KPHF.