January 8th meeting

posted Jan 5, 2015, 8:24 AM by nicholas.todd@vawg.cap.gov
Weather Hazards: Extreme Cold.
Injuries from weather hazards: Frost Bite, Hypothermia, falling on ice, black Ice on roads.
Forecast for 18:00 hrs local on Thursday Jan 8th, 2015:
Weather: Isolated Snow Showers, other wise partly cloudy.
Temperature: 25°F
Dew point: 7°F
Wind Chill: 17°F
Wind: SW at 8 mph
Chance of Precipitation: 10%

Cadets please dress warm for the meeting.  We will have you inside for most of the night.  However if we do go outside it will be like Northern Siberia.  Please put on layers.  If you have a trench coat use it.  If you do not have a uniform coat please wear your own coat.  Bring gloves and a hat.  I don't want frozen cadets.  Also for those of you who are going to work or school Thursday morning.  Please dress extra warm.  Wind chills will be below zero most of the morning. Frost Bite can occur with in 1 hour on extremities and area with poor circulation.  Cover all exposed skin.  Drink lots of Coffee or Hot cocoa. STAY WARM CADETS!!!